What is Total Picture Control?

Total Picture Control is a tool for modern and unique training in the field of digital photography. It includes - specialized publishing, electronic textbooks edition and effective teaching methods.

Specialized Publisher

Total Picture Control is a specialized e-book publisher. We combine advanced technology with years of teaching experience of our authors in teaching digital photography.

Electronic textbooks edition

Total Picture Control is a complete edition of interlinked electronic textbooks for all areas of digital photography. The categorization of the titles according to the level of the photographer’s knowledge, to the type and brand of cameras or to the focus on a particular type of photography enables simple and clear title selection fully covering the issue required by digital camera users.

The title structure of the Total Picture Control edition allows progressive training for beginners, and improving of knowledge for more experienced photographers.

Special versions of each title focusing on a specific brand or type of digital cameras and their updates reflecting the functions of the new models are value-added titles from the Total Picture Control edition.

As a bonus, each title includes interactive appendixes available on-line and free of charge. The on-line appendixes enlarge the textbooks content and help understand the issues being discussed.

Total Picture Control titles are published in all popular e-book formats. They meet the requirements of advanced standards and formats and they make use of the properties of today's modern readers and tablets to the maximum. Click here for more information on the offered eBook formats and supported devices.

Effective teaching method

Total Picture Control is a revolutionary teaching method in the field of digital photography. It is based on long-term experience of our authors - digital photography lecturers and professional photographers.

We are familiar with the problems that trouble not only the beginner photographers but also those with many years of experience. Each of them has at least one book devoted to photography at home. These books are full of pretty pictures catching one’s eye, but they won’t teach anything.

The effectiveness of the Total Picture Control method is based on its simplicity. By means of simple questions and even simpler answers, you get the content of your photos under control.

We’ll teach you a few simple questions and even simpler answers and you’ll get the image in your photos under control. Before you press the shutter button on your camera, you'll know what the final photograph will look like. Our lecturers implemented their training experience with this method in all our titles.

The effectiveness of the Total Picture Control teaching method will also be reflected in the fact that it clearly answers the photographers’ questions. The teaching methods, as well as the practical exercises, do not contain any complex theory or lengthy explanation. By means of illustrative examples and simple exercises we explain photographic techniques for achieving accurate results. You do not need to wait for the effects of these teaching methods for a long time. You can see them immediately on your memory card in the form of perfect pictures.

We are a unique team

Our team includes experienced trainers in the field of digital photography. We have experts in digital technology of electronic publishing, typography, web design. The real team cannot work without friendly people caring for your satisfaction, carefully responding to your questions. To make it all work, we have an expert in finances and organizing photographic productions.
If you think you can bring further professional experience, dedicated work and human approach, please contact us.