Working with artificial lighting Photography MasterClass VI. (Practice)

Working with artificial lighting Photography MasterClass VI. (Practice)

Author: B. BoNo Novosad
Category: MasterClass
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About e-book

This e-book is a set of exercises on the effects of the natural light in digital photography. This ingenious collection of exercises will guide you in a step-by-step way to understanding the effects of the artificial sources of light. With the information about the effect of the artificial light you will be able to create in practice the light ambiance of the studio photography. The effect of studio flashlights will be exactly according to your ideas.
The author is familiar with the problems of the students - studio photographers working with flashlight. Using visual exercises and step-by-step pictorial instructions he answers the questions and ambiguities from the theoretical explanations of the effects of the artificial studio light. The workbook contains exercises with detailed keys to help you understand the examples in pictures.

This workbook trains the practical skills on the following topics:
- Techniques of constructions of a scene with artificial lighting
- Practical measuring of the effects of the studio light – the correct exposure in digital photography
- Working with flashlight and modification of the properties of studio lights
- Techniques of studio illumination in practice – proper illumination of a model, detail, still life, how to create an impressive product photography

With the practical exercises from this e-book on the effects of artificial light you will reach to the top of the photographic knowledge