Nikon DSLR: Understanding exposure metering modes Take control of the correct exposure

Nikon DSLR: Understanding exposure metering modes Take control of the correct exposure

Author: B. BoNo Novosad
Category: Nikon DSLR
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About e-book

In this e-book you will find everything you ever wanted to know about the correct exposure metering with a Nikon DSLR. The author, as an experienced teacher of photography, knows and answers the problems of the beginning Nikon-camera users who are trying to determine the proper exposure. Everything you didn't know about the proper light effect can be found in this e-book. The easy step-by-step pictorial instructions and exercises will make you understand without any unnecessary and complicated theory how to meter the exposure and reach the proper effect of light in the photograph. The author shares his own tips & tricks for the right metering of the exposure in daily practice to make you easily understand how to take pictures of landscapes against the sun, portraits or social events in low light conditions without any problems.

Having the experience and knowledge from this e-book you will be able to find the correct answer to this question: What metering mode should I set on my Nikon DSLR?

An e-book full of pictorial instructions and examples of how to:
- correctly set the metering mode on a Nikon DSLR
- avoid underexposure or overexposure in all light conditions
- achieve the proper effect of light in landscape photography, portraits and photo reportage
- use the light effect creatively


With this e-book you will overcome all the obstacles that stand between you and the right effect of light in your photos.